What purpose do children nutrition programs serve?

  • Teachers report that children with good eating habits and well-balanced diets have higher energy, are more alert and bring more enthusiasm for learning to the classroom. They are better able to concentrate and to benefit from everything that good schooling has to offer.
  • Visit elementary school nutrition programs and you’ll find caring, enthusiastic volunteers serving a tasty, nutritious breakfast, snack or lunch to happy children, in a clean and nurturing environment.
  • Nutrition programs vary from one school to the next. Breakfast clubs serve a variety of good things to eat, from three out of the four food groups. The snack program serves two out of the four food groups and are provided in the morning and midway through the afternoon when energy is flagging.

There are many reasons why kids participate in nutrition programs, including:

  • They take the school bus and don’t have time to eat breakfast
  • Fresh fruit and veggies aren’t available at home on a regular basis
  • They like the social aspects of eating breakfast with their friends
  • Family finances are tight

These are just a few of the many reasons why nutrition programs have become a regular part of the school day in all Simcoe County schools.

Childhood is an important time to establish lifelong healthy-eating habits. School nutrition programs encourage kids to eat servings, every day, from at least three of the four food groups in Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating.

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