You are welcome to contribute directly to Eat Well to Excel:

Send your donation to:

Eat Well to Excel, c/o United Way Greater Simcoe County, Finance Department, 1110 Highway 26, Midhurst, ON, L0L 1X0.

Cheques should be made out to: Eat Well to Excel – United Way.

The United Way Greater Simcoe County provides administrative services at no cost to Eat Well to Excel. The United Way has a Charitable Number and will be pleased to provide you with an income tax receipt.

Should you choose, you may earmark your donation for a program at a particular school or for those programs most in need in your own community. We will ensure that your wishes are followed. You’ll likely get a note of thanks and an invitation to visit from the program(s), too.

See What We Do

You are most welcome to visit a child-nutrition program in your community to observe for yourself the positive values of the program and the pleasure of the children. If you like, the Eat Well to Excel Consultant in your area will be pleased to accompany you on a tour of a representative program.

The benefits to your organization of supporting school nutrition programs include being thanked publicly via the news media and recognized at special events.

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