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Eat Well to Excel, the Simcoe County Nutrition Program for School-Age Children

Is a non-profit organization that supports volunteer run breakfast, morning meal, lunch and/or snack programs to children and youth, in over 185 schools in Simcoe County, to support their learning and healthy development.

Currently, more than 500 volunteers prepare and serve nutritious meals to over 70,000 children daily in Simcoe County.

There are many reasons why kids participate in nutrition programs, including:

Research has established that proper nutrition, mainly during the morning hours, plays an important role in supporting learning. There are many reasons why kids participate in nutrition programs, including:

  • They take the school bus and don’t have time to eat breakfast
  • Fresh fruit and veggies aren’t available at home on a regular basis
  • They like the social aspects of eating breakfast with their friends
  • Family finances are tight

No matter the reason, the program aims to support children and youth to be ready to learn. Participation in student nutrition programs is associated with positive educational outcomes including improved academic performance, reduced tardiness and improved student behaviour (Muthuswamy, E. 2012. “Feeding Our Future: The First- and Second-Year Evaluation.” Toronto District School Board).

Community Partnership Committee members

  • Jody Dawson, Registered Dietitian, Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit- Interim Chairperson
  • Nicole Hawke, Community Development Coordinator, Simcoe North
  • Karen Martin, Community Development Coordinator, Simcoe South
  • Rosslyn Junke, Director, Community Impact, United Way Simcoe Muskoka
  • Jenna Thorkildsen, Program Associate, United Way Simcoe Muskoka
  • Kayla Lacroix, Public Health Inspector, Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit
  • Melody Northrop, Principal, Simcoe County District School Board
  • Karen Penrose, Principal, Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board
  • Dawn Stephens, Superintendent, Simcoe County District School Board
  • Lonnie Bolton, Superintendent, Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board
  • Brandy Rafeek, SCDSB Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) Chairperson, volunteer
  • Suzanne Ley, volunteer
  • Randy Zawaki, volunteer
  • Julia Walsh, volunteer
  • Erin Chapelle, The Karma Project, volunteer
  • Leanne Vincent, North Simcoe Muskoka Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)

We are always looking for more volunteers and partners to join our committee. If you have any interest, please contact the Interim Chairperson at jody.dawson@smdhu.org

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