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Eat Well to Excel, the Simcoe Nutrition Program For School-Age Children is grateful for your interest.

Mission Statement

In consultation and collaboration with community partners, we promote the healthy development of school-age children in Simcoe County. We do so by helping to provide children with nutritious foods in the context of school nutrition programs, by helping to fund such programs, and by encouraging lifelong, healthy eating habits through nutrition-related education in the schools and the community.

How Does Eat Well To Excel Make a Difference in Simcoe County?

Children Fed Each day In Simcoe County

Ibs of Food Donated Every Year

How Much Does it Cost to feed a Child a Nutritious Meal?

The cost of providing a nutritious breakfast to one child, five days a week throughout the school year, is $1.00/day or $184/year. Total cost for 150 children (estimated participation at an inner city school breakfast club) is $27,600.

The cost of a daily snack (fresh fruit, milk, whole wheat crackers) is about $.85/day per child or $15,640/year.

These calculations do not take into account in-kind donations of food and supplies, which reduce the cost considerably.

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